Emission Repairs

All-Tech Guarantee

We will do a free pre-inspection to make sure it will pass before it is tested.
If it is going to fail or has already failed we will give an estimate to repair it.

If we do the repair(s) we will guarantee it to pass & we will have it retested & passed by a nearby test station.
When applicable we can supply all information needed to submit a request for waiver.

June 1, 2010 marked the first day of the vehicle emissions testing program in Nampa. All motorists in the area are now required to have their vehicle tested with the goal of reducing air pollution caused by vehicle emissions. There are more or less 20 testing stations around Canyon County and Kuna where you can get your car tested. For any emission repairs that will be required of you to pass the testing and retain your car’s registration, come visit us here at All-Tech Auto Repair.

What are Emissions Repairs?

We know how vehicle emissions can be destructive to the environment and to our health. Poor air quality can make us sick and make us suffer in the future. Economy-wise, poor air quality can provoke restrictive federal laws and limit the county’s federal highway funding, production capabilities, and industrial investments from outside.

One way to help reduce vehicle emissions is to keep your car in good shape. Maintaining your car properly tuned emits less and pollutes less. Emissions testing will help pinpoint the problems in your car and its engine. It is wise to have your car checked for any problems and repairs first before you have it tested. Having your car tested before having it looked over for repairs gives you a great possibility of failing the emissions test, especially if your car hasn’t been checked for a while now. If you fail the emissions test, then your vehicle registration will be revoked, and you will have to go to a lot of hassle in order to have your vehicle re-registered.

Emissions repairs include cleaning up dirty vehicles, tuning up the engines, and getting the car to run smoothly. Poorly maintained cars give off a lot of pollutants into the air, and we are trying to avoid this. It is recommended that you get your car tuned up regularly. Check it for worn spark plugs or any clogged filters that prevent it from working efficiently. Other reasons for failing the emissions may be the following:

  • ┬áTires not properly inflated and the wheels not aligned
  • ┬áThe gas tank is topped, which will release harmful chemicals into the air
  • Incorrect air/fuel miture
  • Air cleaner, choke, or fuel injection is dirty
  • Air pump is not working
  • Diluted lubricating oil
  • Electronic ignition is not working
  • Vacuum leak

… and many more. It is important that you choose a qualified technician who has experience in diagnosing and repairing the car’s emission systems.

Emissions Repairs After the Testing

Failing to pass your initial emissions testing will require you to get an inspection report with the reasons why you failed the test. You will be required to have your vehicle repaired, and then have it tested again within 30 days of the first emissions test.

In getting emissions repairs for your car, you do not have to have it repaired at the same station that tested it. You can choose any auto repair shop that will handle your emissions repairs, as long as it is a certified emissions repair facility. Here at All-Tech Auto Repair, we do no do emissions testing. But we specialize in emissions repairs and rest assured we will have your car properly tuned and running smoothly.