Car Maintenace Check List

All Tech Auto Repair preforms a 35 point inspection when you bring your car into us. We keep record of everything your car may need and have it listed as a recommendation on your invoice. We want to keep your vehicle running in top preforming shape for you.

* oil level — add oil if low and check for leaks
* hoses — replace if bulging, rotten, or brittle
* belts — replace if worn, frayed, or glazed
* tire pressure — add air if low
* coolant or antifreeze — add more if low
* air filter — replace if dirty
* inspect tires for leaks, damage, bulges, or uneven wear

Included in all oil changes preformed at All Tech Auto Repair

* oil and oil filter — change every 3,000 miles
* windshield washer fluid — add fluid if low
* battery and power steering fluid — add fluid if low
* brake fluid — add fluid if low
* transmission fluid — add fluid if low
* battery terminals and cables — clean if corroded


* wiper blades — replace if worn, brittle, or smeary
* make sure headlights, brake lights, and turn signals work
* make sure horn works properly
* inspect brakes for wear and tear or “slippage”
* make sure spare tire is fully inflated
* inspect exhaust system for rust, damage, or loose parts
* inspect shock absorbers for oil seepage or wear

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